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The Lisbon Swingers are a Big Band formed by a group of friends who like to play Jazz standards, mainly from the American repertoire from the Swing era.

The repertoire is diverse, mostly composed of tunes originally performed by important jazz orchestras, such as those of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw or Benny Goodman.

The band, conducted by the acclaimed trombone player, arranger and band leader Claus Nymark , is composed of a clarinet, five saxophones, eight brasses (four trumpets and four trombones), rhythm section (bass, drums, guitar and piano) and a voice.

Throughout the years, the Lisbon Swingers have performed all over Portugal in many different venues: big concert halls, smaller auditoriums, as well as at private and public parties.

These are some of the musicians who have played with the Lisbon Swingers.

Miguel Gonçalves (trumpet)

Pedro Madeira (drums)

Music studies: Jazz School Luiz Villas-Boas / Hot Club de Portugal and Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (Jazz Bachelor) 'When I was 18 years old, I had my first experience with drums. Since then, I knew that music would fulfill my personal and professional life till the end of my days.'

Rui Caetano (piano)

Rui Caetano started his musical studies at the age of ten, by having private classical piano lessons, in Portugal. After graduating from the Jazz and Contemporary Music Program at the New School, in New York, in the year 2000, he returned to Portugal where has been teaching and playing in several projects and events of the Portuguese Jazz scene, including the Lisbon Swingers Orchestra.

João Viana (trumpet)

João Viana is a doctor in medicine and a self-taught amateur trumpet player. The “Dixie Gang”, the oldest traditional jazz band in Portugal that he co-founded 23 years ago, is his main musical activity. For him, the pleasure of playing with the Lisbon Swingers comes not only from its repertoire, but also from the challenging technical and musical reading skills it demands.

Luis Martins (sax baritone)

Started to play saxophone in a local wind Band. His first musical school was the Escola Profissional de Música de Almada, where he took lessons with Mário Marques, Hugo Gaito, Armindo Luis and finally Pedro Silva. Luis has a degree in Music performance: Saxophone, from University of Évora. He teaches classical saxophone at some music schools, and is a member of the Portuguese Air Force Band.

Lino Lisboa (trumpet)

Born in 1981 Lino is a Trumpet player from Lisbon. He started learning music when he was 10 years old at the Lisbon Music School, EMCN with teacher José Augusto Carneiro, also did some graduate studies at Évora University. Plays professionally in the Portuguese Air Force Band.

Claus Nymark (director)

Claus Nymark was born on the outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark in 1966 and began to play trombone at age 15. He holds a MA degree in music and another in musical education. Since moving to Portugal in 1986 he has maintained a busy schedule playing and teaching in several Jazz Schools around the country. At present he is teaching at The University of Évora and conducts several big bands, among them Lisbon Swingers which he has been conducting for over 15 years.

Ivo Rodrigues (trumpet)

Manuel Barbosa (tenor sax)

A retired professor of Economics

José Mata (guitar)

Plays the guitar in the band. He is a University Professor in the Area of Business.

Antonio Barbosa (alto sax and piano)

He is a University Professor.

Miguel Viana (tenor and alto sax)

He is a self-taught Jazz Musician. He works as an HR Director.

Luciano Amaral (singer)

He has studied for a few years, in the mid 1990s, at the Jazz School of HCP (Hot Club de Portugal) where he was a member of the students big band as a singer. His profession has nothing to do with music; he teaches in a University.

Daniel Hewson (trombone)

Ricardo Quintas (clarinet)

Plays the Clarinet. He learned music at the Jazz School of HCP (Hot Club de Portugal). Works as a frelance IT consultant around the world.

João Capinha (alto sax)

Rui Gonçalves (trombone)

Santi Cianci (double bass)

Santi joined the band in 2012 . He is Italian (1954) and a self-taught electric bass player since he was a teenager. He began to study acoustic double bass in 2011 with the Portuguese musician Rui Silva. He is the CEO of an insurance company.

Gonçalo Marques (trombone)

He is an euphonium player/teacher. He graduated from the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, but has always had some curiosity about trombone and jazz music. Gonçalo plays the euphonium in the Portuguese Air Force Band and the trombone in the Lisbon Swingers Big Band. At the same time, he teaches euphonium in the Escola Professional Metropolitana and the Academia de Música de Óbidos.

Pedro Viana (drums)

Pedro is an amateur jazz drummer. He started playing drums when he was fifteen and studied at Hot Club de Portugal Jazz School. Ever since he has played with several groups in Portugal including his own quartet (Pedro F Viana Quartet), Dixie Gang and André Carvalho Quintet, as well as abroad with the Ramona Horvath trio in Paris. He currently shares his passion for jazz with Medicine as a Neurologist.

Minnie Minoprio (guest singer)

Born in London in 1942, she is an actress, singer and showgirl, who has worked mainly in Italy, where she still lives. Since 1986, Minnie has devoted herself exclusively to Jazz in concerts, international tours, and recordings. Minnie Minoprio is a "swinger" gifted with extraordinary tone variation from deeply coloured chesty growls to delicate vibrating notes. Together with her husband, Carlo Mezzano (manager and musician), she owns "Cotton Club" in Rome, a venue which hosts the concerts of the most famous international jazz bands.

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